Factory tour at the Winnenden site for closed groups

At Kärcher's headquarters in Winnenden near Stuttgart, you can gain an insight into the assembly of industrial cleaning machines. Whether the rotational sintering process, accessory assembly or 100 % function test - here you can find out about the production system of the cleaning specialist.

The programme also includes a visit to the Kärcher Museum. Here, a journey through cleaning technology and the over 80-year history of the company awaits you in an area of over 400 m².

If available, visitors to the Winnenden factory can discover the entire Kärcher world in the Experience Center. From company history to the individual business divisions with their cleaning products and technical solutions, as well as our social commitment. For the first time, Kärcher presents itself in a varied way at a single location. Visitors who want to gain an overview of the company are at the right place here, as are those who want to get to know Kärcher in detail. Visitors are encouraged to touch and try out our products.

Kärcher has over 3,000 products in its current programme. Our devices for use in the home and garden can be seen and tried out in the site-own sample shop.
You can visit us, after prior registration, in groups of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 40. Individuals or small groups of up to 10 persons can join other groups after internal review.

Please note that, for insurance reasons, persons under 14 years of age and persons who need walking aids (stick, walking frame, wheelchair) or with other mobility restrictions cannot take part in these tours.

Please use only our online form for your registration. This is the only way we can guarantee that your request will be processed as quickly as possible.
The invoice will then be sent to the specified address.

10.07.2023, - h
Maximum number of participants:
Language: German
per person (includes the factory tour and lunch)

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