Factory tour at the Global Parts Center and Obersontheim plant for closed groups

Expertise and precision: metal processing and the production of sweepers for commercial and industrial use are the main activities at the Obersontheim factory. Observe the production of heating coils for hot water high-pressure cleaners and the assembly of a municipal sweeping machine from the wheels to the final inspection.

The worldwide, timely supply of Kärcher spare parts and accessories is the task of the Global Parts Center in Obersontheim.
In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers with regard for speed and service, Kärcher invested in a new building complex with state-of-the-art storage and order picking systems. You can experience on site the procedure after an order is received and how fast Kärcher can react to increasing demand.
You can visit us, after prior registration, in groups of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 40. Individuals or small groups of up to 10 persons can join other groups after internal review.

Please note that, for insurance reasons, persons under 14 years of age and persons who need walking aids (stick, walking frame, wheelchair) or with other mobility restrictions cannot take part in these tours.

Please use only our online form for your registration. This is the only way we can guarantee that your request will be processed as quickly as possible.
The invoice will then be sent to the specified address.

26.06.2020, 10:00 - 13:45 h
Maximum number of participants:
Language: German
Plant and Global Parts Center Obersontheim, Irene-Kärcher-Straße 2, 74423 Obersontheim
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